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Lalamooi is a modern and pure jewelry brand, inspired by the belief that with creativity and imagination you can create almost anything with your own hands.


The brand’s story began with a girl who often sneaked into her parents’ small watch repair shop and dreamed about having her own little studio someday. Later Elena Swrschek studied design and discovered her true passion: creating beauty in simplicity.


She started creating jewelry just for herself. But it didn’t take long and the people around her became interested in her minimalist and unique pieces.


Nowadays she creates jewelry for you. For women who like to show themselves, who are curious, intelligent and creative, who know who they are today and who they want to be tomorrow.


The brand stands for passion, for everything minimalist, pure and the respect for the peculiarities of high quality materials. Those are purchased mostly from local suppliers, with a sustainable production process in Germany.


Precious metals, real pearls, fine salmon leather. Every piece is unique, from the designer herself carefully manufactured in a small studio in Frankfurt and ready to be discovered by you.


For the latest designs and the behind the scenes material check out the LALAMOOI.JEWELRY instagram feed. For PR related questions or cooperations please send an email to